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a note from the author

I authored the first edition of World Class Warehousing in 1995, more than 25 years ago. In partnership with McGraw-Hill, and updated three times, the book is now published in seven languages, is taught in universities and corporations all over the world, and has become a global guiding reference for supply chain professionals and their warehouse and DC operations.

I have had numerous requests over the years to offer a companion resource incorporating color images, videos, searchable materials, assessments, online classes, etc. I developed to fit that bill. My hope is that the combination of the book and this web site will enhance the understanding and application of warehousing fundamentals, principles, best practices, material handling systems, and warehouse management systems. Professional, facility, and enterprise subscriptions are available. Thank you very much for your interest in World Class Warehousing.

Dr. Ed Frazelle 
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