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dr. ed frazelle

Dr. Frazelle is one of the world's foremost authorities on supply chain strategy, optimization, and operations. He is President and CEO of RightChain™ and he was founding director of The Logistics Institute and Supply Chain Management Series at Georgia Tech. He is also author of McGraw-Hill's Logistics Management Library published in seven languages - Chinese, English, French, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish. The library includes three titles, Inventory Strategy, Supply Chain Strategy, and World Class Warehousing. He is also the author of The Language of Logistics.


Dr. Frazelle has trained more than 50,000 professionals in the principles of world-class supply chain logistics; as a consultant he has assisted more than 100 corporations and government agencies in North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Africa in their pursuit of world-class supply chains. As a professor he has lectured at many of the world's most prestigious institutions including Cornell, Georgia Tech, Meiji University, Northwestern, the University of Wisconsin, Waseda University, and the National University of Singapore.

Dr. Frazelle is also the inventor of RightChain™, a model, methodology, curriculum, and CloudAI SaaS optimization platform guiding the supply chain decision making in many of the world’s largest corporations including BP, Carrier, Coca-Cola, Colgate, Honda, Disney, Hallmark, Nutrisystem, Pratt & Whitney, and United Technologies to name a few. RightChain™ projects have accounted for more than $5 BILLION in EBITA increase for RightChain™ clients.

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